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As a designer, I want to send a message that expands creative boundaries and radiates solutions. My solution is never stop designing since it makes the world a more beautiful place. My passion is to work with web and email design


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About Me

Currently, I hold positions as both a full-time designer and a freelance designer. Throughout my career, I have gained valuable experience working with a diverse range of companies such as Allstate Identity Protection, MASA Medical Transportation Service, and Colorado Christian University.

During my time at Allstate Identity Protection, I served as the Digital Design Manager. In this role, I was responsible for leading the design of various digital assets, including the main website and email campaigns.

As a freelance designer, I had the opportunity to collaborate with MASA Medical Transportation Service. Here, I was tasked with redesigning their website and other digital assets, including their seminars website.

At Colorado Christian University, I held the position of lead web designer and developer. In this role, my responsibilities included developing emails and managing the university’s website.

In addition to my work with these organizations, I have also had the pleasure of collaborating with several clients. These clients include SCORR Marketing, Polylast Flooring, La Quinta Brewing Company, STX Athletic Gear, Inhabited Clothing Company, University of Wyoming Football, and Library Bar of Laramie Wyoming.

  • Frontend Development
  • SEO
  • UI/UX Design
  • Branding
  • Social Media

My Vision

In today’s digital age, web design and marketing go hand in hand in creating a seamless and impactful online presence. A successful web design is centered around a user-friendly interface, intuitive navigation, and visually appealing aesthetics that captivate and engage visitors. With an emphasis on responsive design and mobile optimization, websites must adapt to the ever-evolving technology landscape. To maximize impact, marketing strategies should be integrated within the web design, utilizing SEO techniques, compelling content, and social media integration to drive traffic, boost conversion rates, and enhance brand visibility. By understanding the target audience and constantly analyzing data, web design and marketing can work together synergistically to create a powerful online platform that delivers exceptional user experiences and drives business success.

I believe design is a process

I prototype and iterate

I design and build


I work with you to gather research and do a competitor analysis of what strategy to define you problems and solutions


After defining the problem work to map out the user journey and create wireframes to build the foundation.



Once the user journey is mapped out with wireframes we move onto the design mock-ups


Then work through mutliple round of revisions and reviews to finalize the design of the web site or digital asset.

Years of Experience

Independent Projects



  • BEST IN SHOW. Davey Awards
  • 3 SILVER AWARDs. Davey Awards
  • PLATINUM AWARD. American Marketing Association, Omaha chapter
  • GOLD AWARD. American Marketing Association, Omaha chapter
  • SILVER AWARD. American Marketing Association, Omaha chapter
  • AWARD OF MERIT. American Marketing Association, Lincoln chapter.
  • GOLD AWARD. Nebraska ADDY Award
  • AWARD OF MERIT. Public Relations Society of America, Nebraska chapter


  • Digital Design Manager, Allstate Identity Protection
  • Director of Marketing, Polylast Systems:
  • Web and Digital Lead Designer, Colorado Christian University
  • Website, Email, Graphic Designer and Developer, SCORR Marketing
  • Video Coordinator Intern, University of Wyoming


  • Univeristy of Wyoming, BA, Graphic Design
  • Colorado Christian University, Computer Information Technology Classes
Chris Franz

"I have worked with Jake for nearly three years at Colorado Christian University and am continually impressed with how he takes a concept and designs something that exceeds your expectations."

Chris Franz

Assistant Vice President of Communications and Creative Services, Colorado Christian University

Josh Fisher

"If you ever get the opportunity to work with Jake, take it. He's a true pro who excels at guiding project teams through the complexities of the design process, bringing his wisdom and experience to bear on thoughtful decision-making at every phase."

Josh Fisher

Creative Director, Allstate Identity Protection

Ben Rowe

"Developers that also have strong concepting and design skills are rare. Jake often took projects that had little direction and ran with them, and always with impressive results."

Ben Rowe

Chief Creative Officer, SCORR Marketing

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