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  • Redesign 3 Company Logos
  • Design Email Template
  • Holiday Card Design
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One challenge of helping with Learning Network branding, including Arizona Digital Academy and Colorado Digital Academy logos, Astravo email, and holiday card, is ensuring consistency and cohesion across all platforms. Each entity may have its own unique branding guidelines and design elements, which must be incorporated while also maintaining a unified brand image for the Learning Network. Additionally, adapting logos and designs for various purposes, such as email and holiday cards, requires careful consideration of the intended audience and message to ensure the branding is effectively communicated in each context. Balancing these various factors to create a cohesive and impactful brand representation can be a complex and time-consuming task.


I designed a cohesive branding strategy for the Learning Network by aligning all logos under a unified visual identity. This involved redesigning the Arizona Digital Academy and Colorado Digital Academy logos to complement each other and represent the network. I ensured consistent design themes across communication materials like the Astravo email and holiday card to strengthen branding and increase recognition. By regularly updating branding guidelines, I ensured that all materials reflected the brand identity, maintaining consistency and elevating the network’s presence.

Astravo Email

Email Design

Modern and Mobile Responsive Email Template

Working for Astravo to create a modern and mobile-responsive email template was a collaborative and detail-oriented process. I collaborated with the team to understand Astravo’s brand and messaging goals, ensuring the design reflected the company’s image accurately. I utilized the latest design trends and technologies to create a sleek and sophisticated layout that was visually appealing and engaging for recipients. By implementing responsive design techniques, I ensured the email template looked great and functioned well across various devices and screen sizes, enhancing the user experience. Throughout the project, I paid attention to feedback and made necessary adjustments to deliver a high-quality and effective email template that met Astravo’s objectives for modernity and mobile responsiveness.

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