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  • 50+ Pages
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Project Info


Redesigning Colorado Christian University’s interactive TVs interface around campus presented several challenges. Firstly, there was the difficulty of coordinating with various departments and stakeholders to ensure that the new design met the needs and preferences of the university community. Additionally, the technical aspects of updating the software and hardware of the TVs posed a significant challenge, requiring careful planning and execution to minimize disruptions to daily operations. Lastly, ensuring that the new interface was user-friendly and intuitive for students, faculty, and staff required extensive user testing and feedback gathering. Ultimately, despite these challenges, the successful redesign of the interactive TVs interface enhanced the overall campus experience for the university community.


After redesigning Colorado Christian University’s interactive TVs interface around campus, the user experience vastly improved. The new interface featured clear and organized menus, making it easier for students to navigate and access important information quickly. The addition of interactive features allowed for more engaging content, such as live streams of campus events and announcements, enhancing the overall campus community experience. The sleek design and updated functionality of the interactive TVs helped to streamline communication and increase engagement among students, faculty, and staff. Overall, the redesign of the interface was a success in enhancing the way students interacted with technology on campus.

CCU Interactive TVs Description

Tv interface Redesign

Over 50+ pages with an Extensive Primary and Secondary Navigation

The redesigned Colorado Christian University TV interface features a sleek and modern design that enhances user experience and navigation. The interface includes over 50 pages of content, with a primary navigation bar that allows users to easily access key sections such as featured videos, live streams, on-demand content, and more. Additionally, the secondary navigation menu provides quick access to specific categories and search functionality for users to find content easily. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring that viewers can easily explore and engage with the university’s TV platform.

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