Regarding the CCU Cougar Athletics Website I was tasked to redesign the very dark and not user friendly website. The last slide in the slide show is an example of the of the old website. Sidearmsports was the original designer. They still host the website but I was tasked to lighten up and bring a modern feel to the website. So I incorporated many things that make CCU Athletics unique. I integrated the Colorado mountains and their bold athletic logo colors of yellow and blue. After I designed the the website in Photoshop I sent the files over to Sidearm to develop and publish. Most of the interior pages are cookie cutter templates that Sidearm uses for all of their athletic websites.

Like I said before I used many influences from the Rocky Mountain Region and CCU Cougars athletic logo to design the website. The photo in the background is perfect photo of the beautiful Colorado mountains. The yellow aspen trees match the same yellow of CCU’s Cougar logo. I incorporated many angles through out the design to mimic the mountain in the CCU Athletic logo. The rugged rock texture I used for arrows and the top menu helped give a dynamic western mountain feel.

Incorporating Brand Colors

It was important to me to use the limited amounts of the dark blue and more of the bright blue and yellow to liven up the website and be attractive to a younger audience. Yellow also is a very warm color what helps give the website a very inviting feeling. White was used to make a very clean and elegant website. This also capturing the feel of snow capped mountains and Colorado in the winter.

If you are an athletics fan or just want to see a cool website check out

  • Project Type: Website Redesign / Development
  • Skills Needed: Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Customer: Colorado Christian University
  • Project Year: 2015
  • Website: