About VisualTuning

Visual Designer Tuning

Everyone has their favorite radio station but do they know the process of how their station magically is produced from a radio? How can a small box produce sound from an unseen signal? Graphic design is just like a radio. The client sends concept waves out to the receiver (designer) who then decodes through the design process to produce a finished visual beat. Designers are there to decipher what signal is being sent out from the clients and audiences to satisfy all those involved. The goal is to produce a perfect station the client’s audiences keep going back to time and time again.

About me and how I use Visual Tuning

Hello, broadcasting on Design FM this is your DJ, Jake Buckley, where creativeness never stops. Like finding the perfect radio station, a good designer must convey the message that relates best for the client and their audience. As a designer, I want to send a message that expands creative boundaries and radiates solutions. My solution is never stop designing since it makes the world a more beautiful place. My passion is to work with web and email design. I am also an avid painter and illustrator. My portfolio is a collaboration of all the skills I have learned through my jobs and school but these just a stepping stone to what I want to learn in digital media.

Here is a little about me and my work. I currently work at Colorado Christian University in Denver, Colorado as a web designer and developer. My main job is to develop emails and maintain CCU’s website. I am currently doing freelance work as well! I have done work for the following; SCORR Marketing, La Quinta Brewing Company, STX Athletic Gear, Inhabited Clothing Company, CPA Group of Laramie, and Library Bar of Laramie Wyoming. I also have been privileged to have two internships with the University of Wyoming Visual Art Center and University of Wyoming football team. Links to find more of my work and involvement in the Graphic Design world are at behance.net and Facebook at Jake Buckley Design.