CCU’s Main Website Redesign

Colorado Christian University’s main website redesign has been a step by step project. I would take one webpage at a time and redesign each part to correspond with each college or clients needs. I am also incorporating the old webpages SEO analytics to produce the most effective and compatible webpage. While I studied other colleges to see how we could gain a competitive advantage while still staying true to our branding and design standards. I am currently working on the homepage redesign while doing SEO research. I am using heat map studies to see how we can maximize our click rates and reduce the bounce rates.

The new redesign is projected to go live sometime at the beginning of next year. We are currently coding the new website and changing Content Management Systems. When all the testing has been done we will publish the new design. The mock ups of the new website can be seen in the slider as well as what the old or current website looks like.

Other Colorado Christian University Projects

During my time at Colorado Christian University I have been able to be apart or manage many design projects. Being the lead web designer on the web team I developed and designed webpages on the main website at, created interactive templates for the TV displays across campus, redesign the main athletics website at I code and design email campaigns for alumni and parents of CCU as well.

Being the only member on the web team with a design background I was able to be apart of so many fun projects. I have liberty to design such a wide range of everything that involved the website. Please take a take a look at all multiple projects regarding Colorado Christian University.

  • Colorado Christian University Web Projects Website Redesign / Development
  • Skills Needed: HTML, CSS, Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Customer: Colorado Christian University
  • Project Year: 2014-2015
  • Website: